We Pay Cash For Used Vehicles

If you live in Eau Claire or surrounding areas and are looking to sell your vehicle, Markquart Motors pays cash for used vehicles. In order to meet the strong demand from our customers for used vehicles we are willing to make an offer to buy your current vehicle. This includes all makes and models that are 15 years old and newer that have a clean title and are in reasonable condition for their age and miles.

You're welcome to stop in any time during normal sales department hours for your free evaluation. For best results we recommend making an appointment so you can avoid the inconvenience of a longer wait which can happen during those times when our show floor is busy with customers.

How It Works

1. During normal business hours bring the vehicle you are interested in selling to the dealership and ask for Dan Heller, our used vehicle buyer. If Dan is not available ask to speak to one of the Used Car Managers, Tony Meyer or Terry Huppert.

2. Bring the title to the trade. If the person handling the sale is different than the titled owner of the vehicle they need to bring the titled owner with or the appropriate documentation showing they are authorized to sell the vehicle.

3. Bring the vehicle bank loan payoff information or the lien release if applicable. We can buy vehicles that have an existing bank loan on them and handle the payoff on behalf of the customer. Keep in mind that the amount of the check you receive will be the net of the trade value less the payoff amount left on the loan. If you owe more than the vehicle is appraised for we can still help you out of the vehicle but you would have to pay us the difference between the appraised value and the loan payoff in verifiable funds.

4. When you are arrive at the dealership you will be asked to show us the title and to complete a trade declaration about the condition and history of the vehicle.

5. Our professional appraisers will drive the vehicle and inspect it to determine any repairs that need to be performed on the vehicle to make it ready to sell.

6. We will run a CARFAX report on the vehicle.

7. We will run the vehicle through trusted used vehicle evaluation resources like Kelley Bluebook, NADA, Blackbook and vAuto to give us up to date market information.

8. We will then present you a cash offer for your vehicle. This offer is good through the close of business on the day it was made. If you don't sell us your vehicle at that time the offer may still be good for a period of time after it was made but it would need to be reaffirmed by our used vehicle buyers.

9. If you accept our offer we can complete the transaction at that time as long as we have our administrative staff available to cut the check. They are available Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM. If our offer is accepted outside of these hours we will cut the check and complete the transaction as soon as possible.

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